A Movie A Week

by John Holliday

DVD / Blu Review

by Emily Bloom


by George Taylor

Special Feature

by Christian Fannin


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At CineWeekly, we are your nostalgic source for movie articles and reviews. Every Tuesday, a new issue is presented with four separate columns discussing only the best films from the past. Start off with an article from A Movie A Week for reviews of our favorite movies. Our DVD / Blu Review features the "Pick of the Week" along with the best new releases. Get a Behind-the-Scenes look with rare photos, making-of videos, and interviews. Lastly, the Special Feature column is your wild card each week with topics ranging from "Best of…" lists to "Netflix Queue-riosities". No news or gossip here. Just great insight and discussion.

Launching in August 2011, CineWeekly.com is the result of a group of friends who could never find too many people to discuss movies with and the internet has provided a limitless audience and community. Our editors don't just want to preach to the choir, they want to hear from you too. Join the conversation on Twitter, check our status on Facebook, and enter our circle on Google+.

In November 2011, the CineBloggers community was established as a free directory for movie blogs. Readers can discover new sites worth checking out that they may not have otherwise known about. Bloggers, in turn, can submit their site for exposure to thousands of readers and network with dozens of other CineBloggers. Everybody wins.

Your editors:

John Holliday John Holliday - A Movie A Week

Emily Bloom Emily Bloom - DVD / Blu Review

George Taylor George Taylor - Behind-the-Scenes

Christian Fannin Christian Fannin - Special Feature

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