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"The Breakfast Club" w/ John Hughes

[Get a "Behind-the-Scenes" look with George Taylor and his collection of rare photos, making-of videos, cast & crew interviews, and book reviews.]

Today's pictures comes from when they still made 'em like they use to. John Hughes' The Breakfast Club captures the essence of high school even today despite the lack of texting, Facebook, and all that hi-tech mumbo jumbo. Below is A Brain, A Princess, and The Man hanging out on the library set followed by another shot to include An Athlete and A Criminal. We'll fit in A Basket Case next time.

Now that John Hughes has passed away, hopefully a print of the legendary 2 ½ hour cut of the film will surface. Supposedly only a few people have seen it and Hughes owned the only copy which is why any piece of behind-the-scenes material makes my mouth water. Especially when it includes the elusive director with his cast. Don't you forget about me next week when we feature our first monster make-up.

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