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"Casablanca" - Rare Photos

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Today features five very rare photos from the set of one of CineWeekly's "Top Ten", Casablanca. In order are cinematographer Arthur Edeson filming Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in overall one of my favorite behind-the-scenes shots ever, Claude Rains watching Bogart during a break, Bogie and Bergman chatting privately, Jack L. Warner himself meeting up with director Michael Curtiz, and a wide shot with Humphrey Bogart filming home movies of production from a ladder. I'd kill to see the footage he got on set. Believe it or not I still have more from Casablanca but for now, these are some of the best.

Thanks to Alex Michael Hill (grandson of director Michael Curtiz) for correcting me on the identity of Arthur Edeson.

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