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Article from Issue #032

"East of Eden" - James Dean w/ Burl Ives and Marlon Brando

[Get a "Behind-the-Scenes" look with George Taylor and his collection of rare photos, making-of videos, cast & crew interviews, and book reviews.]

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words and I'm actually kind of speechless regarding the first East of Eden photo so I'll just describe the facts of what's going on below and let you take it from there. First up is James Dean playing a recorder with Burl Ives who looks on with bagpipes and a smoking pipe. I hope Dean is messing around with that look on his face but you never know. Next is a shot of director Elia Kazan with Jimmy Dean and co-star Julie Harris as the other rebel, Marlon Brando, stops by the set. Then we have Dean, Albert Dekker, and Raymond Massey preparing for a scene which is followed up by a photo with Timothy Carey between takes.

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- George Taylor -
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