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"Hook" - Steven Spielberg's First Emmy

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Children's adventure movies haven't been done right in years and this celebration of a 1990's classic is one of the reasons CineWeekly was created. Where else are you going to find behind-the-scenes photos from Hook? My all-time favorite director, Steven Spielberg, is doing his former self justice these days with 'The Adventures of Tintin', his participation in 'Super 8', and his promise to release the original (non-politically correct) version of 'E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial' when it comes to Blu-ray. But back in 1991, he was cranking out high quality material every day.

Proof of that is here, with the first photo showing Spielberg on set of Hook and being presented with his first Emmy for his work on Tiny Toon Adventures with the show's crew. The remaining shots are standard images of him directing Robin Williams as an odd but somehow believable Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as an odd but somehow believable Captain Hook.

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