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Sunday, September 30 th 2012 Latest Submission - CineBlogger #0074:

CineBlogger #0074 - CinemaFunk

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CinemaFunk is a website dedicated to providing movie reviews and film criticism from a culturally educated and passionate viewpoint. CinemaFunk aims to provide film criticism this is both sophisticated and entertaining. Instead to promoting films, CinemaFunk wants readers to think about new films and how they interact with contemporary culture.

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Tuesday, September 25 th 2012 Member Update:
1980's Movies

We sent a call out to all CineBloggers asking for their articles featuring "1980's Movies" and these are the results. Some of the best movies of the decade were sent to us from Stallone and Arnold to Bernie, from Raiders and Blade Runner to Harry and Sally, and two very different Earth-loving aliens: E.T. and Superman. The submissions are listed in the order they were received.

CineBlogger Badge
The Cinematic Katzenjammer -
(1981) Raiders of the Lost Ark
CineBlogger Badge
The Movie Waffler -
(1980) Superman II
CineBlogger Badge
Flickchart: The Blog -
(1982) 30 Years of Reeseā€™s Pieces: The Cinematic Summer of 1982
CineBlogger Badge
Take 575: Watching the National Film Registry -
(1985) Back to the Future
CineBlogger Badge
The Matinee -
(1989) When Harry Met Sally
CineBlogger Badge
socialpsychol -
(1984) Streets of Fire
CineBlogger Badge
Marked Movies -
(1982) Blade Runner
CineBlogger Badge
FernandoRafael -
(1987) Planes, Trains and Automobiles
CineBlogger Badge
Days of Docs -
(1988) Radio Bikini
CineBlogger Badge
Martin Teller's Movie Reviews -
(1987) Predator
CineBlogger Badge
Hard Ticket to Home Video -
(1989) Weekend at Bernie's
CineBlogger Badge
Fast Film Reviews -
(1985) After Hours

Oddly enough, there was no Stand by Me, The Breakfast Club, The Karate Kid, and other classics. If you want one of your articles to be listed, it's not too late to e-mail it to me for inclusion. If you're not a CineBlogger yet, submit your site now for future opportunities to expand your readership.

Monday, September 18 th 2012 Member Notice:
Send Your Links

It's time for another Member Update and we're asking all current CineBloggers to send in one link each to articles/podcasts featuring: "1980's Movies". Your link on this topic will be displayed right here on Sunday, Sept. 23rd so be sure to e-mail us before then.

Saturday, March 24 th 2012 Member Update:
Personal Picks

In celebration of our 25th CineBlogger, we're having our first "Member Update". The following are articles and podcasts that the some of the current members wanted to share with you. They represent the best of our participating community. We will be having many updates on a regular basis with specific topics so stay tuned.

CineBlogger Badge
The Cult of Matt and Mark -
Episode #10: The Wicker Man (1973) by Robin Hardy
CineBlogger Badge
Attack from Planet B -
Troll 2 (1990)
CineBlogger Badge
Mike and Arnie Movie Reviews -
A Bronx Tale (1993)
CineBlogger Badge
Forgotten Films -
Three O'Clock High
CineBlogger Badge
aparoo says -
Villain [Akunin] (J-movie) — 2010
CineBlogger Badge
After the Movie Reviews -
21 Jump Street Review

If you want one of your articles to be listed, it's not too late to e-mail it to me for inclusion. If you're not a CineBlogger yet, submit your site now for future opportunities to expand your readership.