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CineBloggers - Widget Gallery

Directory & List:

Browse through every CineBlogger and sort them by name or number with the directory (left) or try just the simple list (right). Use the code underneath to place the directory or list on your own blog. Both dynamically update which means they automatically refresh new submissions to the top and you never have to change the code on your end. All colors and sizes can be customized using CSS.



Tweets by CineBloggers:

Place this Twitter widget on your site and every current and future CineBlogger's tweets will be updated in real time. All colors and sizes can be customized using the CSS in the code below.


Every CineBlogger has a badge and you can proudly display your favorites on your own site with the code on their respective profile page. If you like them all, you can simply use the random badge code below to display a new CineBlogger on every page refresh. Or you can choose the code that always displays the latest submission. All images are hosted by us so you don't have to worry about using your storage space or bandwidth.

Random Badge
CineBlogger Widget
Latest Submission
CineBlogger Widget

Banner Ads:

Our ad banners come in the most commonly used sizes. The rectangle ad measures 300x250, the square ad is 200x200, and the skyscraper graphic spans 120x600. The ads will blend properly with light and dark backgrounds. Again, these images are hosted on our servers and will update automatically if we ever change the designs.

CineWeekly Advertisement Rectangle
CineWeekly Advertisement Square
CineWeekly Advertisement Skyscraper

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