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Issue #032 — March 6 th 2012

New Releases March 6th 2012

[Our editor, Emily Bloom, brings you the best new releases in her "DVD / Blu Review" article. No filler, no hype, only movies and TV shows we personally buy.]

Universal's 100th Anniversary Collection continues to produce quality classic titles at an affordable price level. Four of the best Universal Monster Movies are collected this week on DVD for those that haven't picked up the previous separate releases or can't wait for the Blu-rays later this year (rumored). On the B-movie side, Ed Wood gets in on the action on Blu with the infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space. But it's his polar opposite as director that lands the "Pick of the Week".

Pick of the Week: To Catch a Thief [BLU]
To Catch a Thief Blu-ray cover art

Well you love Cary Grant and Grace Kelley (I know that because you're on our site) and you have to love Alfred Hitchcock (I know that because you have blood in your veins), so what's not to love about To Catch a Thief? The stars aligned for this one, another perfect notch on Hitch's very massive belt. The filmmaking one. What we get here is a combination of his signature romance, mistaken identity, and caper mystery. For me, To Catch a Thief doesn't get the classic treatment in pop culture that it deserves. Hollywood would score big today if they could concoct a movie half as good. If you've only seen 'Psycho', 'Birds', and other better known Alfred Hitchcock titles, you owe it to yourself to check out To Catch a Thief.

There's a lot to get to here that's described below so I'll keep it short. The only real point I have to make is that every special feature is in standard definition. It's certainly not a deal breaker but HD would have been nice. Also, I'll always prefer Peter Bogdanovich bonus material when it comes to Hitchcock but he's nowhere on this release. That's just my personal nerdy opinon though.

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Every geek's favorite new TV show (along with 'The Walking Dead') comes to Blu in Game of Thrones - The Complete First Season. The genre titles continue with the unfairly bashed Immortals which was directed by Tarsem Singh who also did one of my favorites of all time, 'The Fall'. Remember, this is the column that keeps the site alive by linking to Amazon for these new releases. You'll notice we don't always highlight the popular movies and TV shows because these are our true picks, not the one's that will generate the most sales. We thrive on your trust in our sincerity of our recommendations.

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