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Article from Issue #007

George Lucas Re-Edits Classic Movies

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With the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray releases, George Lucas has added even more changes that affect the character's personalities. The most talked about? Darth Vader now screams "Nooooooo!" when throwing the Emporer down the Death Star shaft. You've seen the video by now so here's our response to what this could lead to if this man isn't stopped.

As lovers of classic movies and respecters of director's original intentions, we're disapponted to say the least in Lucas' continuous butchering of Star Wars: The Original Trilogy. First it was tweaks here and there with the blasters, lightsabers, their sound effects, and digital effects. But then in 1997 it got weird with the inclusion of a poorly rendered Jabba in A New Hope along with several other changes.

Up to the most recent releases, the worst re-edit crime has been replacing Jason Wingreen's Boba Fett voice with Temuera Morrison's (Jango Fett) newly recorded performance and of course Greedo shooting first. Fans were openly outraged but Lucas still won't stop. Something has to be done. All we could do was make a video… But you can "Like" it, Stumble it, share it, tweet it, and reddit and hopefully one day, he'll get the point.

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