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Article from Issue #010

"More Than You Can Chew" - Short Film

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Keeping with the horror theme as much as possible, here is a short film by Dan Trachtenberg who is one of the co-hosts of The Totally Rad Show, a video podcast on movies, video games, comics, etc. You've probably recently seen his Portal short film but I didn't care much for it outside of the special effects. More Than You Can Chew has received a fraction of the views but is a much better premise despite it's cliché title.

Too bad YouTube and it's uploaders insist on ruining online video with ads. The worst is when the ad plays but the video doesn't. Maybe they should start making the video out of the same thing they make the ads out of. You won't hear us ramble too often on CineWeekly but when it comes to taking the audience out of the viewing experience of movies and short films, we get upset. Hopefully enough people will express their dislike for these types of practices and it will eventually stop. Sorry to go off topic but that's what the "Special Feature" column is all about.

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