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Article from Issue #022

Netflix Queue-riosities: "Congo"

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It's been a while since we've had one of my favorite articles, Netflix Queue-riosities. I enjoy digging through Netflix and finding Instant Play titles that have either slipped under your radar and onto the queue or that you never gave a chance all those years ago during it's theatrical run. If the latter is your case with Michael Crichton's Congo then sit down and watch it tonight! It's one of those movies that I believe everyone will enjoy to some extent on at least their first viewing. You may not love it or rave about it for the rest of your life but you'll be up to speed with the rest of us that can appreciate it's pleasant adventure and Stan Winston's puppetry.

Hot on the heels of Crichton's 'Jurassic Park', Congo was less praised and is admittedly a third cousin to the dinosaur masterpiece. But that's only because Jurassic Park is SO great. Congo by itself is a very fun jungle adventure story with all the elements necessary for a good time. The gorilla costumes and animatronics as well as the sets are all well-crafted and come together for a film that would be much appreciated if released today. Click below to see it on Netflix.

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